[ Cthulhu | Incarcerate | 'tis But a Human ]

Playing dragqueen in a prison sideshow take a life slit a vein what's
leaking isn't blood it is your brain this sinking feeling I watch you
choke on your own blood this sinking feeling blood spilling out where
your voice used to sit power to the world slice up your wife every boy
and every girl use a huge carving knife christian vultures christian
vultures split a lip crack a smile pucker up it's time to die walking in
hell burning the feet og my soul you brought it on yourself you cunt
disinfect my soul we'll get along fine once you realise I'm God
cauterized minds shallow souls in a void transgressive do I mind if you
smoke? I don't mind if you burn return to sender in vino veritas return
to sender it is you fate to be sodomised and it is my destiny to
sodomize you you will swallow the black sperm of my vengeance

Shut the door 
Lock them up and throw away the key
They don't conform 
To your idea of normality
They hear the things you cannot hear
They see the sights you never see
They feel the feeling you don't feel
And dream the dreams you cannot dream
They are so young and full of life
They are so full of all you lack
Where they have colours you are grey
And they will never walk your way

'tis But a Human
ref:   Weep for me
       Cry for me
       Sleep for me
       Die for me
'tis but a lonely man who sees
The beauty in a grain of sand
The flare between the dead oak trees
The swiftness of the silent land
'tis but a young boy who can burn
With springtime's everlasting flame
And all along the winter yearn
For summer and its lovely name
'tis but an old man who can feel
The youth within autumnal age
Who feels that he can sol'mnly kneel
And bow before the holy sage
'tis but a Human who can die
That he may then forever live
'tis but a Human who can fly
'tis but a Human who can live

All lyrics by Nikolai Kleppe, except "Cthulhu" by Nikolai Kleppe and Tollef Ladehaug. Copyright 1993-1999, Anax Imperator. Not to be reprinted without expressed permission from either Nikolai Kleppe or Anax Imperator.