Labels and such

  • Angel Productions
    One of the _very_ few Norwegian synth labels - check them out!
  • Psycho Active Records
    Many synth/electronic newcomers have been given a debut on the Psychoactivated samplers.
  • Hæstkuk productions
    The mother of all that is good. Or not. Our production company, and a host for lotsastuff & projects.


  • Im Nebel
    A performance oriented Anax side project. You've got to love that music..!
  • ArtIsMight
    If only all music could be this good! Our friends in ArtIsMight kick ass!
  • Origami Replika
    We've performed with these guys a couple of times; great guys, great project, and part of the great Origami Republika!
  • Beta Phreakuency / Anstalt, heretoo.
    Being pioneers in the Norwegian synth/electronic/EBM scene, they know their stuff!
  • Red Harvest
    GothMetal really can't be any better than this, can it?
  • Eternal Joy
    One of the best norwegian gothic bands. And with a Robert Smith-ish vocal! It's great!
  • Dunkel Prod. with Dunkelheit
    Well, it doesn't get more dunkel than this, does it?
  • Vampire State Building
    Please, make another record! Please?
  • Motion Control
    Oddgeir did a great job in mastering "Hælvetes dyster EP"
  • Circular
    Smooth ambient. But I guess I've got my genres wrong.
  • Apoptygma Berzerk
    Really the largest synth band from Norway. And not too bad, either. Totalj kroppskontrollj!



  • PLAN9
    New club situated in a dungeon. All kinds of synth & goth + bands & VJs.
  • Korova milk bar
    Cool synth/gothic/darkwave/80s club situated in Oslo.
  • Club Lestat
    Finally; a goth club in Kristiansand. This is very promising!
  • Dominion Club
    Darkwave club in Bergen, a great success and extremely enjoyable to be on.
  • Club Neon
    Oslo's first and possibly best synth club?
  • Gotham Nights
    Oslo's first and possibly best gothic club?