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Tear it down
Rip it up into pieces
It's not part of me 
Smash it crush it
Leave me alone
Let me be
Oh God please do exist
And tell me what I've missed
And say where I went wrong
And make it stop and make it go away
And get it out of my head
Get it of my head getitoutofmyheadleavemyheadalone

I see the way you waste your life

Life In Vein
/Nice little boy, 25
Almost dead, almost alive
Nice little boy, 25
OD'd when he was 25/

Horse kicks, feel pain, push venom in vein
Poison eats away at brain; partly dead partly insane
Head hot,burning red, cold body, legs dead
Crawling under skin tight, red eyes, blurred sight

White hot blood boils, heart pounding, venom coils
Brain fever, black light
Dead wrong? -Dead right!

Dew glistens on skin, brain sizzle, boil, spin
Fingers clench, nails dig palms
Beyond salvation; no need for psalms

If you could see with my eyes 
Through all the bullshit, all the lies
If you could hear with my ears
The thousand screams of pain and fear
If you could smell with my nose 
The smell of death as it grows
If you could taste with my tongue
The taste of rot from my lungs
If you just opened your mind 
And weren't afraid og what you'd find
Nice little boy, you wouldn't die
When you were only 25

(Violent dreams, silent screams)

Life vs. Itself
Dreams of death visions  of horror bad omens  horrible  signs 
bloody  nightmares of  wet dreams oil  slick  engulfing  dead 
birds fish  swimming downstream  a  nuclear  daydream  turned 
to a hell  ozone disappearing minds twisted into barbed  wire 
fences  around  the system  deteriorating faster than  it can 
build up the  weak points  wounded warriors  bleeding  to die 
painfully while master eats up the social security lies  kill 
your mind like TV imagination starving suffocating  strangled 
by lies reality is not realistic choose a death  as  war goes 
technicolor killer robots on remote  control choose your  aim 
death to  a nation  too weak  to survive  while the world  is 
bleeding  killing  for profit  bloodcurdling  sins  as  Jimmy 
Swaggart  saves  souls  for ready cash  lies to  all  for all 
occasions  Bibles  for sinners absolution for the rich remain 
silent  never rebel  force  is  too  strong lies  the weapons 
money our  goal wealth our sole ambition sell your soul buy a 
new one improved in plastic silent suffocation dying children 
in their mothers wombs  a choice  for the  future  and  money 
is  more  worth  than life street  wars fighting  against the 
future  fighting against the future  for a past  that doesn't 
                       -life vs. itself-

Head on the Slab
Miss Fortune's ready on the scaffold dealing blows
I sit inside my cell, as always on death row
I try and try and lay my feelings on the floor
And though she takes it all I still come back for more
Is she my Nemesis, my lover or a dream?
She gives me Hell, but there is pleasure in my screams

I lay my head on the slab for you
I'm waiting what are you going to do?
I lay my head on the slab for you
I'm waiting
Who are you?
I'm afraid that the guillotine will fall
And that one final blow will end it all

She lifts me up, but has her hands around my throat
And though I think she's drowned me, I am still afloat
Her passion turns to ice that hammers through my veins
Her thoughts like fingers penetrate my waiting brain
And though the thought of her still chills me to the bone
I just can't stand to spend another night alone

I lay...

Feeding Feline
Cutting to nerve
Slicing to the bone
Chewing to the core
Severing the flesh

Flesh is weak
Ecstasy so easily spent
Lingering sensation 

Puncturing my skin
Probing my nerves
Opening my soul
Devouring my soul
Consuming my soul
Feeding on me

Feeding on me 
Over and over
Feeding feline

Silent War
This is the age of silent sleep
The age of yawning social slumber
The age of dull "equality", conformity and apathy
IBM, ITT and AT&T, CNN and MTV

This is the age of soft sedation
As pictures drug entire nations
As lies are truth and truth is lies
And all is profit in disguise
As all is money, greed and sloth 
As metal grows while nature rots
As real as dreams is all you see
As no square "Tube" can set you free
As minds grow hungry, hearts stay cold 
And all the young look like they're old
As innocence does not exist 
And your solution is your fist
As lies become reality
And truth is called insanity

So wake up from your social sleep
There is no justice for the meek
Survival of the fittest rules
And hate is taught in all your schools
Love has become profanity 
And cash rules christianity
And wisdom's sought in feeble minds
And visions painted by the blind
And as we listen with deaf ears
Our judgement day is drawing near
Atomic Age; where is thy sting?
The mind is such a dangerous thing
Here lies the answer; There is none
As one is all, and all are one

All lyrics by Nikolai Kleppe, except *"Head on the Slab" by Nikolai Kleppe and Tollef Ladehaug . Copyright 1993-1997, Anax Imperator. Not to be reprinted without expressed permission from either Nikolai Kleppe or Anax Imperator.