Older news:
5/9/2005EXIT IMPERATOR, take two: Anax' farewell gig in Oslo is at the OSF Kickoff September 24th.
26/8/2005It seems like Internet Explorer didn't like the MP3 links for Nėkropop. Try again!
30/7/2005EXIT IMPERATOR, take two: The first date for our last tour is confirmed; come to Sake in Trondheim September 10th!
11/2/2005The concerts in Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo has been cancelled/postponed due to a car crash. All involved survived.
10/12/2004The EXIT IMPERATOR tour is coming to Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Kristiansand.
15/8/2004Anax Imperator is no more. Stay tuned for our last tour ever early 2005!
13/8/2004Extras are finally available for Nėkropop CD owners, check your CD booklet for the URL.
15/6/2004Nėkropop is now available for international mailorder from HotStuff as well.
15/4/2004Anax is interviewed in the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende
4/4/2004Our NĖKROPOP press releases are available
14/3/2004Finally: The NĖKROPOP release tour: Kraftverk/Oslo April 7th, Hulen/Bergen April 16th and Trondheim May 8th. Don't miss it!
29/2/2004NĖKROPOP is ready for the CD press. The record is available to YOU as soon as the cover is finished (+ 12 days print time).
14/1/2004The downmix of our upcoming album, NĖKROPOP, is finished and is sent to mastering. Stay tuned for 80 minutes of splattersynth.
17/12/2003Here's a small christmas gift to you all: Three full songs as a preview from the upcoming album.
10/12/2003Club Lestat wants us December 19th. We deliver.
4/10/2003It is a sad day for alternative music. So What! is closing down. We've played there 5 times, and we'll sure miss the place.
20/9/2003Check out the new picture albums!
12/9/2003Read this shocked fan review for a truly descriptive Anax Imperator concert experience
4/9/2003Yet another concert confirmed: at the large Halloween party at Fabrikken, Oslo November 1st.
31/8/2003New concert date confirmed: we are playing with Gothminister at Meieriet, Sogndal October 31th.
27/6/2003A new batch of Anax Imperator high quality t-shirts and girlie tops will be available at the Quart gig! We are taking early orders by mail (NOK150/EUR17).
12/5/2003: Just confirmed: Anax is playing at the Quart Festival July 5th, at Vaskeriet.
9/3/2003: The mini festival So Synth! at So What! is held Wednesday April 16th and Anax is playing! Most people has the day off on the 17th (Easter!), so there's not reason not to come!
29/1/2003: Sake in Trondheim wanted us to play again, we're coming March 8th. Watch out!
27/11/2002: As work with production and record label deals takes more time than anticipated, the album release is postponed to 2003. The current preview sounds very promising, though, don't lose faith!
13/11/2002: New gig confirmed: at Club Lestat, Vaskeriet, Kristiansand Saturday December 14th!
30/8/2002: We are having our first gig abroad October 5th, at The Black Cat, Copenhagen, Denmark.
19/8/2002: We just published an even more thorough biography, check it out.
15/7/2002: New biography online!
7/5/2002: Flash: We are playing together with The Crüxshadows at So What! Sunday June 30.
15/4/2002: Anax is playing at Sake Bar in Trondheim 25. May. Expect pieces from the upcoming album! (More info will be added soon.)
1/2/2002: A new full-length Anax Imperator album will appear this year, also including remixes from other projects. Stay tuned!
12/8/2001: Anax was one of 13 bands playing at Oslo Synthfestival 2001 10/11/2001!
19/6/2001: We are playing at NM i Synth in Fredrikstad 09/7/2001!
23/5/2001: Extra concert in Trondheim due to power failure on the last attempt.
17/3/2001: Nėkroplasma töur 2001: We tour together with Atropine, X:Machina, Goth Minister and Skin Disease in Norway's three major cities: Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. Check out the concert page.
08/9/2000: Major web page update initiated. Expect more updates to come!
26/5/2000: New pictures, Lemmy gore!
12/5/2000: Skin Disease and Atropine on tour with us at Dominion Club/Hulen, Bergen
19. march 2000: HDE reviewed in Panorama
february 2000: Anax & Im Nebel contributing to the sex.:.goth.:.electronics CD sampler.
18. february 2000: Release party for "Hęlvetes dyster EP", this time at John Dee in Oslo
10. february 2000: Also interviewed at Panorama..!
7. february 2000: Interviewed at (in norwegian)
26. january 2000: Interviewed in Bergens Tidende, also with a review.
18. january 2000: Anax' new & and first "real" release "Hęlvetes dyster EP" is out now!
28. january 2000: Release party for "Hęlvetes dyster EP" in Bergen!
january 2000: Anax' new & and first "real" release: "Hęlvetes dyster EP" to be released this month!
13. november 1999: Will play at Oslo Synthfestival.
17. october 1999: Playing at Club Neon/So What!, Oslo, together with legendary Psyche and also Icon of Coils.
12. october 1999: Anax members doing a performance act as Im Nebel at the ars Nova festival at Kvarteret, Bergen.
8. september 1999: Playing at the 30th anniversary for Hulen in Bergen.
june 1999: New pictures - check out The Hotel Room Session!
20.-23. june 1999: Featured at the Ultrapolis live roleplay in Bergen. And of course, pictures are available
29. april 1999: Did a great concert at So What! in Oslo
april 1999: Anax contributes with an (unfortunately old) tune on the Psychoactivated 4 release
20. march 1999: 500+ people saw us playing at our concert at the Dominion Gothic Festival
march 1999: Demo CD Egotik released! MP3's available